Our core business is customs brokerage. GMP Logistics provides services of customs brokerage for clearance of goods in imports and exports, as well as in all other customs procedures such as:
1.Customs warehousing of goods
3.Foreign trade – consulting
4.Specific customs procedures
    •Temporary imports
    •Temporary exports
    •Inward processing
    •External processing …
5.Obtaining permissions with Customs authorities for various customs procedures
6.Obtaining EORI number, EUR.1 certificates, binding tariff informations (BTI) from customs authorities.
7.Calculation of customs duties
Top class team of freight forwarders, through their knowledge and experience, secure that customs procedure are completed efficiently, effectively and in the shortest possible time.
With up to date monitoring of customs laws and regulations we convey to our clients accurate and reliable information necessary for the correct job execution as well as the reduction in operating costs of our clients.
This is just part of the services we offer, for more information and any questions you can contact us via email info@gmplogistics.com or phone.